Selecting an Enterprise ERP

An enterprise ERP software is designed to meet the unique requirements of conglomerates straddling diverse business lines across locations. The need to integrate all quadrants of operations and processes into one single seamless and consolidated system is vital for large organisations to succeed. An enterprise ERP software can handle complex functional requirements efficiently.  Drill down to four important considerations that need to be factored in while choosing an Enterprise ERP System.

  1. Longevity of technology

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace. It is therefore necessary to look at the underlying technology in the ERP system. The very latest and proven technology will offer greater longevity. This will prevent the need for an upgrade or change along the way, helping to keep investment on track. It is important to note that the cost of ERP systems do not end with CAPEX but involve OPEX like training and disruptions.

  1. Foresight for scalability in the future

Organisations, without exception are expected to grow and expand.  It is therefore important to have the foresight to choose an enterprise ERP software that offers scalability in a manner that is seamless. ERP is overarching and the right system should ideally be one that offers easy and simple options for scalability without diluting the process output.

  1. Mobility driven channels – a dominant force in the future

Digitally native organisations have realised the importance of mobility driven channels. Ignoring the growing dominance of this channel will make organisations digitally naïve. The chosen enterprise ERP system needs to have the capability to seamlessly and securely interact with this channel which will play a strong role in the future of most businesses.

  1. Training and secure designs

Training of resources is mandatory for the ERP system to take off and deliver the right results. Choose a partner that offers comprehensive training for resources. The security of a system is of paramount importance, given the scenario involving big ticket breaches. It is important to choose a system that comes with a ‘secure by design’ concept, to offer greater protection to information driven processes.

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ERP demo - Orion 3i