Strengthen Operational Workflows with An ERP Solution/


ERP focuses on streamlining business processes by enabling seamless communication and coordination between the siloed departments of an organisation. ERP modules facilitate connections between supply chain organisations or between an organisation and its customers.Although there are unlimited workflows that can be bridged using ERP, we have elaborated on three workflows that are most benefited:

• Finance – Operations Workflow

One of the major disruptions in machinery-intensive industry is sudden breakdown of equipment resulting in loss of productivity and production delays. The root of the problem is the lack of communication between operations department and accounting department. If the operations department is able to cull out depreciation data of a machine right from the machine itself and transport the data to operations in a timely fashion, adequate purchase and maintenance arrangements can be done before crisis hits. This is possible through ERP-enabled alerts and notifications.

• Customer Service – Sales Workflow

Customer service is an integral part of after-sales service and ensures longevity of client relations. But how often does the customer service executive get wake-up calls from sales reps alarming them to visit a customer before issues and challenges get detected? Chances are never. A CRM integrated ERP solution brings these two worlds together. Mobile and cloud-enables ERP solutions lend an anytime-anywhere dimension allowing flawless communication between departments.

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• Marketing-Sales Workflow

Marketing and sales form the backbone of a business. Instead of contending with each other, if they work in complete alignment, the results will reflect in the company’s ROI. Imagine if your sales department maintains a resource pool of qualified leads, high-revenue customers and eligible promoters of your business and your marketing department draws upon the pool to gain valuable insights on buyer preferences and patterns. They can now base the next marketing campaign on this intelligence and take the guesswork out of marketing. This will surely lead to high revenues since your business is catering to its target audiences’ needs. An effective ERP solution maintains smooth workflow between sales and marketing departments.

ORION ERP from 3i Infotech is a premium business solution that can bridge the gaps between vital departments in your organisation. It offers scalability and easy implementation to help take your business to the next level.

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