Are you a small or mid-sized business lookingto streamline business processes and boost operational productivity while being aware of the pulse of customers? Consider implementing an ERP CRM software. Doing so will help remove data silos in your organisation and optimise customer relationships to enhance profitability. CRM ERP systems offer a host of benefits to SMEs.
Let’s look at three critical advantagesthat SMEs can gain by implementing an ERP CRM software:

Enhancedcustomer awareness

A CRM ERP solution helps SMEs get a 360-degree view of customers. Users of the ERP CRM software can track a customer journey from prospect stage to sales and post-sales stages. Additionally, an ERP CRM software provides complete visibility into customers’ needs, purchase habits, transaction history, preferences, account standing, and more.

SMEs can use this information to gain better insights about customers and thereby build lasting relationships and determine where there is potential for future growth. It even helps anticipate the customer’s future needs.

Real-time information gathering

An ERP CRM software gives your employees the ability to access important customer information in real-time. In the absence of an efficient CRM ERP system, employees lack the right information at the right time, such as inventory levels, shipment details, customer financials, order history, returns, payments, and pricing. Invariably, this costs the company its customers. For instance, when a customer contacts the company call centre with a simple question about the status of an order, the call centre agent should have easy and quick access to this information. A CRM ERP solution provides employees access to all the information they need exactly when they need it.

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Streamlined operations

An ERP CRM software reduces the time spent by employees on administrative tasks. This results in better employee productivity and fewer errors. Additionally, an integrated solution eliminates the chances of duplication occurring from manual data entry tasks.It also helps the business thrive in a dynamic business environment.

An ERP-based customer relationship management softwareis an invaluable tool for SMEs that grapple with creating a connect with their customers. In such cases, switching to a robust CRM ERP system could be the best thing.

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